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Skimming over dull topics

Lily is a young woman from England who has spent so much of her life hopping from one place to another that place doesn't really factor into her identity much. She had a strange and complicated early life that mostly consisted of confusion for her. The now is far more interesting.

It's all very simple

From her teenage years on Lily became privy to the fact that she was a cambion. Half human-half demon/incubus/succubus. Not only that, but her demon parents had come looking for her. They took it in turns to explain their plan for the future and to train her to live up to her full potential to help them realise that plan.

You should note

Lily isn't her real name. She'll swap it with different ones as she chooses. She's used to lying, dealing with shady people and getting into tricky situations. It's just part of life. A lot of the things she does tend not to have an obvious purpose, and she'll happily put on acts to switch personalities depending on the person/people she's around. She does what she wants or what she needs to. 

Now that she's got your attention...

What does being a cambion mean? It means that along with a better bill of health and looking naturally beautiful, she's got a supernatural talent when it comes to talking to people. People like her naturally, there's something likeable about her even when there shouldn't be. Fellow supernatural beings have some resistance against it, of course. However, generally if she really wants to she can use some of her demonic influence to heighten and influence a person's emotions, but it's up to a mun how effective it is when she persists.

She also shys away from religious objects, but that's more out of habit than any real reason.

Feel free to contact me for details/etc.

((Lily is my own OC, PB is Selma Blair, no profit is being made.))
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